Anxiety Does Not Have to Happen

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

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I came across this post on Instagram having to do with #menopause and I so wanted to comment and tell this girl - it does not have to be this way. But she wouldn't hear me. She has given in to what Vadim calls the puppet strings of the pendulum. Here's her post and the picture was an ugly cry picture. I will spare you the graphic because it was ugly! It is so sad that she is propelling herself and others onto a negative life line that does not have to be that way.

I do not know this gal personally but follow the hashtag menopause to help me help others - who want to be helped. (Let me add here this post got over 400 likes and most of her posts are about 14-19 likes. I found this odd and perhaps she promoted it for one reason or another. Regardless it is a sad existence that she, and most of those who commented fell into victim mentality. This is what I try to teach, and help others see the light. We are not victims - EVER!)

You do not have to give in to anxiety and those awful pendulums that suck you into the generational shift. You do not have to give in to the supposed hormone imbalances, hot flashes, etc. I swear I saw a comment on there where a gal said she wanted to do housework in the nude because she was always so hot.

I realize I have not hit the generational shift at 54 years young (this gal is almost 10 years younger than me). I will not succumb to those horrible pangs those gals suffer with - and here's the clicker---- You don't have to either.

I attribute my success to 2 things

1. Reality Transurfing Principles

2. My exercise and fitness routine.

For Reality Transurfing - when it comes to anxiety like this gal claims she has so adamantly. I want to quote Vadim from the book: Replace the word fear with anxiety as they are the same thing. I mean the poor girl said she was "scared".

" In the terminology of Transurfing fear is an excess energy potential that emerges when excessive meaning is attributed to the object of one’s fear. Excess potential disrupts the balance in the field consequently giving rise to forces that eliminate the imbalance. Suppose you found yourself having to walk along the edge of a cliff and were terrified of falling over the edge. By what means could balanced forces eliminate the excess potential? The least energy-consuming method would be to throw you into the abyss and be done with it. "

"Nature always takes the path of least resistance." -Vadim Zeland Reality Transurfing I-IV

This gal on Instagram was taking the prod of the pendulum and giving all her energy to the pendulum. On top of that she created excess potential by giving excess meaning to her supposed 'hormone imbalance' due to #menopause.

Sit back and take that in for a moment.

How can she really know it is hormone imbalance? I mean anxiety is just fear. And this is a prod of the pendulum. She is giving excess meaning to something. Let it go, sit back and relax, go with the flow - more specifically the path of least resistance. Don't go put it all on Instagram. And put it out there for the world to see how much you are suffering so all your friends can jump on your sadness, anxiety bandwagon. Oh no! You are sending yourself to a negative lifeline.

On top of that, start a productive exercise routine. A productive morning and night time routine. Get your life on balance. Take the path of least resistance. And always, always take the high road and realize the advantage in everything.

I can't stress that enough: REALIZE THE ADVANTAGE IN EVERYTHING.

You will never catch me putting an ugly cry on Instagram and complaining about hormone imbalance. Because I realize the advantage in everything.

If I were to comment on this gal's page that "there is another way." I would have been met with those haters who enjoy giving their energy to the pendulum - and without knowing. So I stayed out of that hornet's nest. 😂

Knowledge is power. How do you face the day? As a victim? Or a victor? I chose victor every time! Follow me to find out how!

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