4 Reasons Why My New Workout Split is Fantastic

4 reasons why my new workout split is fantastic with Kathie's Coaching

We all know it is important to change your workout split so as to prevent a plateau and I really love my new split and here's why. I started this split at the end of December.

My new split consists of Pull and Abs, Push and Abs, Glutes and Quads, Pull and Abs, Push and Abs, Glutes and Hams. Instead of 6 days a week I am in the gym 4 days a week. I need those rest days considering how tough my workouts are.

Here are reasons why I love this split:

1. 3 rest days a week. I joined Toast Master's this month and our meetings are on Friday at 7:15am. I need to take that day off and now I take off Monday and Tuesday😁 . This means only 2 early morning weekdays for me! At the first of the year when the gym is super busy this came at a great time!

2. I cut biceps and triceps isolation exercises. My arms were getting big and bulky, not slim and lean so I cut biceps and triceps totally out of my routine. This has been very helpful. My biceps and triceps still get work on pull and push days by nature of the beast. It is my hope when I introduce them back into the mix it will make for a more lean look.

3. Way too long on old split. My workouts are a great change from my other split I had been doing for way too long. It shocks my body and therefore I am getting more into a zone and over that plateau.

4. More intense cardio is always helpful for plateaus. I always love cardio - I do a quick warm up on the treadmill and end my workout with major cardio of about 10-15 minutes on the stairs or AMT depending on which gym I'm in.

As far as nutrition goes I stopped Intermittent Fasting click here to read my blog post on that. I now have the correct amount of calories and macros (for the most part😉 ) for my needs.

For my next split I plan on doing a total body split like this one mentioned by Jeff Nippard. It is total body, working each muscle group only once per day, 4-6 days a week. However, I may find this boring for my taste but I will try it for a few weeks. I may also just see where my body is at, at that time and hit a routine more specific for my needs. That's the luxury of being a certified trainer. Because I am always learning new things and I know what works for me I get on a roll and just jump on what I think is best for me at the time.

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Happy Training, Kathie

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