3 Ways to Prevent Cortisol Release

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

In my previous article I explained the hazards of cortisol release. In this article I will give you 3 tips to keep your cortisol in balance.

1. Meditation. If fight or flight causes cortisol release then we need to combat that cause with something that relaxes us. Meditation can do just that. When you meditate you combat those stressors by relaxing into the moment and being present to the present which spills over into your day. The best time to do this is between the hours of 1-4am before your brain has time to wake up and take off thinking stressful thoughts. If you think you do not have the time to do this then I say, "How could you not have time to do this?" You are actually saving time and adding so much more to your life by meditating. Here is a great guided meditation to help you get started: Aaron Doughty using Abraham Hicks meditation guide.

2. Strength train. Add strength training to your regimen to combat hormonal imbalance. Need help designing a program? Contact me and I can assist you on getting started at kathiesfitblog@gmail.com The best type of strength training you can do is tough enough that it leaves you feeling challenged or 70% of your one rep max (Click here to read about a 1rpm). Each muscle group needs about 12 sets per week for a great enough challenge to prevent cortisol overload! ;)

3. HIIT. As opposed to slow and steady state cardio introduce HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. You will need to do about 3-5 intervals in about a 20 minute time period 3-5 times per week to deem the benefits. They are so worth it! HIIT is a great combat to flight or fight as it is actually putting the body through strenuous movement. HIIT mimics fighting or flight (running). It also does this with longer bouts of steady or rest work exercise and balances everything out.

Try these 3 things for yourself over a 21 day period and see what happens. Have a healthy day! Kathie

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