3 Ways Super Sets are Beneficial

I train my advanced clients using super sets. Why? They are very excellent for challenging muscle groups and are a quick way to train.

A super set consists of two exercises done back to back with no rest. Once you finish the super set you can rest from up to 1-2 minutes then go back to it.

I sometimes super set a small muscle group first then go right into the big muscle group. If doing pull exercises try bicep curl and a back exercise as a super set. The reason this is a great way to train upper body as you use your biceps in both the curl and the back exercise.

1. Super sets make your workout more efficient. Because you are doing 2 exercises back to back you get through your workout quicker.

2. Super sets enable you to work harder in less time. Because you are doing 2 exercises back to back with no rest you will work harder, therefore, releasing more growth hormone and other great benefits.

3. Sometimes you grow muscle quicker with super ses. Super sets enable you to work harder and tire out muscles more easily too. This means a muscle growth for most.

Here are some other combos you can do: Tricep & Chest (push), Bicep & Back (pull), Hamstring & Quad, Shoulders & Chest, Lower back & Abdominal.

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