3 Reasons Your Body is Saying REST

Rest is just as important as exercise, work, and play. It is all about balance and sometimes we need to get off the merry go round and rest. Here are 3 times rest is just as important as working out:

1. When you get sick. I am often asked this question, "Should I workout today? I am not feeling great and may be coming down with a cold but I don't want to miss my workout." The answer is usually no. Rest. Take some time off to let your body heal.

2. When your muscles are very sore. This is also a signal that your body needs rest. Our bodies signal to us when it is time to just chill. Sore muscles is a big indicator.

3. When you have over done it. Sometimes it is simply a good idea to take a week off and relax. You can get back to it and when you do you will be better than ever. You might also see greater gains after some time off.

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