3 Aspects to Your Fitness Everyone Must Do

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

To be physically fit and to feel your best you must do all 3 components of fitness.

1. Cardiovascular Exercise. Cardio exercise consists of walking, elliptical, row, biking, running, swimming, anything that takes your heart rate up and brings it down. Your heart and cardiovascular system needs work too. To feel your best be sure you are doing some type of interval training. This not only gets oxygen going through your body better but also will burn more calories.

2. Strength Training. Everyone needs to lift some kind of weights to keep their body running efficiently. One pound of fat burns 3 calories per hour. One pound of muscle burns 35 calories per hour. What do you want on your body?

3. Flexibility Training. To keep our muscles from being tense and tight we must add flexibility training. Be sure to stretch after your workout and warm-up before a workout. Yoga and Pilates are great forms of flexibility training too. I just took a Continuing Ed class on foam rolling too. This is a great way to increase range of motion and I will be incorporating what I learned with my clients.

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