2 Ways to Create Strong Lungs

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The Corona virus is cardiovascular and attacks the lungs. Your safest if you already have strong cardio system. Here are 2 proven ways to create strong lungs.

1. Interval Training. Your heart and lungs are muscles and need work too. The very best way to do this is to take your heart rate up and bring it down during cardiovascular exercise. You can take your heart rate up to 220 minus your age in maximum beats per minute. During interval training you can do this by working harder high knees, big arms, and even running. You want to take your heart rate up and then bring it back down. An excellent test of fitness is to see how quickly your heart rate recovers. If it recovers to about 65% of the max number or lower within a minute you are very fit and have strong lungs! To the left you have a picture of my Apple Watch reading from a workout. Notice my average heart rate was 140 bpm and my max was 170 bpm. You want to see that spike in heart rate. I am 54 years old so my max number is 166. Yes 170 is over my max heart rate. There are instances when you heart is healthy and can go over your max number. I have been exercising for years. Cardiovascular system is very strong!

2. Practice deep breathing. Inhale for a count of 5-10, hold at the top for a few seconds, exhale for a count of 5-10. The goal is to inhale and exhale for an extended period of time. This increases lung strength. Practice this several times throughout the day. Remember to lift the rib cage and keep good posture too. This gives the lungs more room to function. Most people slouch and round the shoulders which prevents the rib cage from lifting. Increase your lung strength!

Know that athletes and those who train like this are the ones who benefit the most with a healthy immune system. The NBA player who had the virus barely felt any symptoms. It is the people he comes in contact with that we are concerned about.

Stay healthy and proactive. Not reactive. This too shall pass!

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