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Sugar Land, TX USA


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Nutrition Guidance

Here you will find all the challenges and membership guides for nutrition guidance. Abs are made in the kitchen. But it doesn't have to be difficult. Follow the guidance given by Kathie and the challenges laid out to learn all about how to fuel your body and have fun!! Join the individual challenges or all of them for one cost.

Click the links below for more information. See you inside!! Kathie :)

Conscious Eating 5 Day Challenge

Our goal with this challenge is simply become more aware of what we are eating. It is easy to loose track as there is an abundance of delicious foods out there!

  • Prep Day - Before the challenge begins we will outline our goals.

  • Day One: Awareness is key and how to become more aware

  • Day Two: Diets why they may or may not help you

  • Day Three: Documenting your eating habits

  • Day Four: Practice kindness

  • Day Five: Putting it all together


7 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge

Here is a vastly new and improved 7 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge (2 more days are added to the 5 Day Challenge and then some. Join the challenge that has helped many find the best things about Intermittent Fasting and improved the way they eat throughout the day. Learn the benefits of fasting and a new way to control your eating habits. This challenge does not tell you "what" to eat but "how" to eat in ways you may have never thought of before! 

  • Prep Day - Before the challenge begins we will outline the schedule and exactly what you want to do to prep for this challenge.

  • Day One: Introduction to Intermittent Fasting

  • Day Two: Regain control of your food consciously!

  • Day Three: Ho'oponopono

  • Day Four: What exactly happens to your body when you fast and the benefits.

  • Day Five: Intuitve eating what is it and how it can help change your ways

  • Day Six: Fuel your body correctly

  • Day Seven: Putting it all together.


7 Day Meal Prep and Planning Challenge

On this challenge we will learn all about meal prep and meal planning. This can be extremely beneficial when you are tracking your macros, calories, or just want to control you food intake. As with the other nutrition challenges Kathie does not tell you what to eat but how to eat via meal prep and planning. The challenge entails:


Prep: Plan Your Week, Where to find great recipes, How to grocery shop, and helpful products that you might need on your meal prep journey.

  • Day One: Benefits of meal prep and planning

  • Day Two: Make it fun!

  • Day Three: Vary things up, how to keep meal prep from being boring.

  • Day Four: Fuel Yourself - Food is fuel!

  • Day Five: Bring the family into it!

  • Day Six: Re-evaluate your week and get ready for another week.

  • Day Seven: Putting it all together.