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Sugar Land, TX USA


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Do you have brain fog? Feeling tired all the time? Suffer from anxiety? Lack of energy during the day? Gaining weight despite trying every diet in the world? Have hormone imbalance - either thyroid or age induced? What about lack of energy and motivation? How is your quality of sleep?

Kathie offers real solutions for real people on all of these things. Join her email list or visit her blog to get in on the FREE information she offers and more! The solutions she offers might be just what you needed to hear! It's worth a try!

Kathie Owen

Your Certified Fitness Trainer

Certified since 2002

Delighting healthy, happy hearts since 2002! 

"You will either find an excuse or find a way. Let me help you find a way today!" -Kathie Owen



Did you know that there really is an easy way to alter your life in positive fashion? Are you sick of being sick? Tired of being in a rut? What about making decisions? Do you struggle with this? 

There really is an easy way! Kathie blogs about changing life in magic fashion. She also sends out inspirational emails on a regular basis. Fitness and Life Coaching go hand in hand. Kathie has been Life Coaching her clients since 2002. With a background in psychology and a ton of life experience. Kathie can teach you how turn your life around and get out of victim mentality and live in Victor! 

Join her email list today!

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Transform you life in magic fashion with Kathie's Coaching!

Delighting healthy, happy hearts since 2002,

Your Certified Life Coach,